Automotive Lifts – 4 Easy Steps To Install Them

In today’s time and age, people are in love with their cars or the flashy fast wheels. If we keep their love in mind, then auto lifts make life easier for them. The days are over when you used jack-stands to do any kind of repair work and the risk factors involved in such activities was also more. The automotive lifts available today are either two-post or four-post lifts that are great in lifting the car to an elevated height. There was a time when auto lifts were expensive and car lovers could not afford to get them in their garage. But this is not the case anymore because hydraulic car lifts are available today at an affordable price.

So, it is important for you to know the easy steps to install them in your garage. Take a look at the points mentioned below.

4 Easy Steps to Install an Automotive Lift

Step 1 – Your first step towards installing an auto lift is by separating the parts and components. The most crucial step is to keep all the parts in proper alignment with one another. You must tighten all the bolts, keeping a close check that the alignment remains the same. The process of tightening the bolts is best done by twisting them.

Step 2 – You don’t have to wait for the lift to reach an elavated height to balance the cables, the hydraulic systems and the safety locks. The cables function very well to keep the lifting carriage at a similar level so that there is no scope for the car to raise to a higher level unevenly. The cables get tightly locked up with bolt-end and nut locks so that they can run through the pulley system. You need to tension the cables so that they stay in the right places. Take care that you attach the hydraulic lines at the cylinder base. Your next step is to mount the pump. The pump outlet should get well-connected to the hose and all the joints should stay tightened.

Step 3 – Since the lift is ready to get elevated, it is time for you to mark the floor for the exact placement. You would need a plumb bob, a chalk line, a measuring tape and a permanent marker. You need 6 to 7 bulky men to raise the lift. When the lift stands tall, it can stay still on its own. The next step is extremely crucial because you need to rent a rotary hammer to drill the holes. Pay attention while doing it because drilling through the mounting plate holes will avoid alignment problems in the future and helps the lift to stand vertical. While drilling, you need to take care that the powdered concrete does not reach the hole. The three-quarter-inch wedge anchors always get recommended for installing the auto-lifts. You need to fit in a nut on the anchor, and hammer the bolt on the mounting plate. It is important to torque all the nuts, and therefore, make sure you do them and scrutinize carefully.

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